Allow Me to Introduce Myself

About Me

My name is Rozanne, and I like writing (I’m one of those people who actually enjoys reading dictionaries.)

I also like online marketing. It’s all about unleashing untapped potential, which I find exciting.

My passion for writing and online marketing go hand-in-hand to produce a final product that grows your business online.

When I’m not writing, I enjoy some really cliche hobbies like baking, sewing, playing piano, gardening and spending time with my husband and our two dogs. And yes, our dogs are the best dogs. There’s no room for debate on the matter.

Freelance Writer Image

What to Expect from My Writing?

You want the best, and you need someone who will give you just that. You want to work with a freelance writer who understands. Someone who will make your life easier, not more difficult. You want to save time and effort, all while getting results that match your expectations.

Here’s how I aim to deliver on your expectations:

  • Conversational, easy-to-read writing that captivates readers
  • Search optimization to help attract an audience
  • Conveying your brand voice to establish your company’s message
  • In-depth research to deliver projects that are industry-specific and informative

I’ve been where you are and understand how you feel. It’s not easy to find someone who really appreciates and delivers on what you want. That’s why I take the necessary time to gain insight on your needs.

As a result, your project WILL BE simpler, easier and less time-consuming. Simply put – a cut above the rest.

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