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It’s time to:

  • Own your content like the boss you are
  • Put cool stuff online that people enjoy reading
  • Get new customers and grow your business

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Content Strategy for SMEs

It’s okay if you don’t have to capacity to run an effective content strategy for your small to medium enterprise in-house. You don’t have to settle for less – or worse yet, nothing at all.

You too can get the benefit of online marketing.

Allow your business to stand out with a tailor-made content strategy focused on delivering results.

Publish the best, most comprehensive content pieces for your industry!

I plan all the content I write around the most popular search terms for your industry. After this, I put in hours of research to create articles that are both relevant and valuable.

Online Marketing Analysis and Support

Having a great blog certainly helps you get attention online. But there’s more to marketing your business than publishing articles and hoping for the best.

Luckily, I can do more than automate your blog content!

Together we can work on every aspect of your online presence to make sure it’s working for you.

When you hire me as a content strategist, I’ll do a full analysis of your current online marketing. I’ll have a look at everything from your website SEO to your social media. This allows me to make suggestions, like whether you should improve your website and what social media channels your business should be on.

Effective Marketing = Great ROI

Nowadays, everyone uses Google to find the products and services they need. You probably knew this from personal experience, but if you don’t believe me, here are the statistics:

  • At Least 88% of people search online for products and services they need
  • 75% of people research your business online before committing to buy from you
  • Approximately 27% of people who hear about your business by word of mouth, will still research your business online before they make a final decision.

Think about it, if someone does an online search for your product or service, will they find you? And if they find you, do you have anything online to impress your prospects, or is your online presence dull and uninspiring?

Improving your online presence can go a long way to market and grow your business. Allow me to get you started with great content and actionable suggestions on how you can get found online.

SME Content Creation Examples

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