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I’m Rozanne, a freelance marketing and business writer and also a marketing manager.

This offer is designed so you can test my writing services with zero (zilch, nada, zip) upfront investment. There’s no commitment, you get a blog post and I get to work with you. That’s all.

The only real prerequisite is that the post gets published with me as the author (i.e it’s not ghostwritten).

It’s hard to find the right content creator for business blogging, but I’m confident we’ll enjoy working together.

Why Try This?

You might be wondering if getting a free blog post is worth your time. Understandable, seeing as you’re probably busy and have plenty of things to attend to.

I can assure you, I’ve done this before. I’ve written posts that rank high in SERPs and have worked with many businesses to create quality content. My entire process is focused on saving you time and effort by delivering work that fulfills your needs.

If you think about it logically, would I really offer to write a free blog post for you if I believed I’d be wasting both your time and mine? Writing even one piece of quality content can take a long time. Why would I offer to expend so much time and effort if I didn’t believe I could deliver an end result you’re happy to publish?

The worst that can happen if you accept this offer, is that you won’t want more blog posts or other marketing services, in which case you can feel completely comfortable to move on and we go our separate ways. This is seriously a zero-obligation deal, I won’t feel in the least offended. You can always contact me in the future again if you find you could use my services at a later stage.

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Terms & Conditions

I write quality content for quality businesses. As such, I reserve the right to decline extending this offer to any business that doesn’t run a reputable website. I will not write posts for businesses involved in (or in any way linked to) inappropriate or illegal activities.

If you would like to find out whether or not your business qualifies for this offer, please reach out to me via the contact form above.

By leaving your email in the contact form above, you agree to having your email automatically added to my email list. But don’t worry, I never spam. I’ll only send updates on special offers such as this and some emails with tips and advice.

I never share information with third parties, unless I believe it could be of benefit to put you in touch with someone specific, in which case I personally will reach out to you via a real email I wrote myself and ask permission (not via a link to a “privacy policy update”, but via real correspondence.)

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